Complete Your Colors: The "Logo Thrust" Quickdrop Collection

The cap is primarily the thing that people see from one's outfit. It basically sets the tone for your whole vibe. Safe to say, it can make or break your ensemble. If your look is a song, then it would be the intro, the first 10 seconds of it, and that leaves quite the impression.

Simplicity is King 

This time, we're letting simplicity do the talking. We're putting the HGHMNDS logo front and center but then reducing it enough to be seen at a glance. It's like saying "if you can read this, then maybe you're already close enough."

5 Colorways for the Completist

Boasting of 5 colorways with solid construction and high end materials, the "Logo Thrust" Collection is a collection of headwear that appeals to the true blue completist. Let's just say one color is not enough. 

Dark Shades, Earthy Tones, Natural Hues

From Black, Brown, Green, Navy Blue and Fatigue, all 5 colors are limited and can't be missed. 

The "Logo Thrust" Quickdrop Collection is now out. Complete all colorways today. 

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