The Presence of a Legend: Reg Rubio is in the Building

Ever heard of a band that has successfully bounced around heavy and groovy? Screaming and rapping? Head banging to head bobbing? For 25 years? 

Well, a legend visited the HGHMNDS HQ a few weeks ago. Mr. Reg Rubio of Greyhoundz, Brgy. Tibay and of course, iconic streetwear brand, MEDISINA.


Collaboration Incoming 

Still don't know what's comin' at ya? Well, HGHMNDS and MEDISINA are teaming up for a killer collaboration. Although from varying scenes and music genres, we have always crossed paths and had mutual respect for each other.


Long Overdue 

Brave and uncompromising, both brands have been at it for so long. Notorious for messaging that promotes independent thinking and a free spirited attitude, it's high time that this crossover happened. 

Yes, that day was indeed productive as we chopped it up. It's a meeting of the minds as the collection spans from everything you love with both brands. We're talking about the graphic tees, the badass slogans... without the B.S!

Watch Out! 

We're not gonna post anything just yet. All you got to do is be excited and save up, because this collaboration is bound for epic proportions. It's on!